If you are ready to live in a High Cotton home, use this contact form to set up a meeting! Wherever you are in the process, we can help. We can provide guidance if you are looking for a location for your home, and we can also work with you to take your ideas and create a set of house plans. We are happy to arrange tours of our current builds for you to see our work or provide references from previous or current clients. We love to meet new customers early in the process to establish an idea of your needs and the direction you want to go for your build.

Continue reading below for more detail on each of the steps in the building process. 



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We love to meet our clients early!

In the initial meeting, we get to know you and your wishes in a home. This is a great time for us to get to know each other and exchange ideas for the build. This early groundwork allows us to get an idea about what you want in a home, and it also gives you the chance see how we do things. During this meeting, we can explore the differences we offer and the budget you have in mind. 


If we decide we are a fit for each other and you choose High Cotton Homes for the construction of your custom home, we will begin the process of drawing house plans and completing a personalized estimate. Most importantly, we are here to guide you through each step of the process.



If you need some design ideas before our initial meeting, be sure to check out our Pinterest page featuring the homes we built!



To us, a custom home means having the design and details that are unique to your family's taste and needs. You can come to us with pictures, ideas and wants, and work with our design team to create a custom set of plans just for you. We also have the ability to create a 3D model. This allows us to provide you with a better image of how the home will actually appear and catch any mistakes before construction begins. We do allow you to bring to us any blue prints, but we recommend clients work with a professional home designer or architect. Accurate house plans guide the entire construction process. 

Prior to your design meeting, we will give you an idea packet with "homework" to help you identify what you want and need in a home. This is a helpful tool when you begin working with our home designer to create custom plans.

When choosing house plans, keep in mind:

  • They should be exactly what you want; we will verify details such as window placement and size, location of cabinets and sinks, number of garage bays, etc. Even small details can be costly or impossible to change once construction begins. In addition, the cost estimate is based specifically on these plans. Any change to the plans would also be reflected by a change in the construction cost.

  • The house you choose must be suited for the building location you purchase. If you can't tell how the house will look on your lot, we can help! 

  • Remember square footage; as square footage goes up, overall construction cost will increase, but price per square foot tends to decrease.

  • Porch square footage; porches typically have close to the same per square foot construction cost as living space, but will not be included in the square footage on your appraisal. Basically, just keep in mind that porches can add cost to your home and may not be reflected in the appraisal. 

If you need help finding, creating or revising house plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Southern Living custom home builder in the Shoals area

As part of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, we have access to over 1000 exclusive house plans through the Southern Living House Plans Service Collection, created by respected architects and designers throughout the nation. Please ask if this is something that interests you!

design build home builder floor plans in Florence, AL


High Cotton Homes currently builds anywhere throughout northwest Alabama, with the majority of our builds in Florence, St. Florian, Muscle Shoals and Tuscumbia. If you need a location for your home, we can provide guidance. We are able to look at different building sites and get an idea on the suitability of the location for your home, as well as an estimate for the cost for any dirt work, tree removal, etc., that must be done. 

If you already have a building site, we will take care of any clearing or earth work that needs to be completed before construction begins.  

Custom lake house, custom built lake home, new custom home Pickwick Lake


After the initial meeting and house plans are finalized and approved, we will then begin working on your construction cost estimate. We take the time to go over all of the fine details so we know the features and amenities that you want in your finished home. We build different options into your estimate so you can decide which selections fit within your budget. This is also the time that you as the customer may communicate with us any particular details that you would love to have in your home; such as custom flooring or woodwork, home automation, lighting fixtures, high end appliances, stamped concrete, luxury tubs, etc. The more we know what you want, the more accurate our estimate. If you do not have specifics in mind yet, that is okay, too! We specialize in walking our customers through the process to find the selections that create your dream home.
Speaking of budget... Budgets are a crucial part of the build and the most stressful. After the estimate is complete, we meet with our clients to go over each line item in order to verify this budget is adequate for construction. Because we build truly custom homes, our clients are free to choose each and every part of the home. Even though cost is a scary part of building a home,  remember you will have updates and access to all finances throughout your build. 



There are several funding options at High Cotton Homes, but most clients choose to use a construction loan to fund the build. After you have secured a building site and the estimate is completed, you will take the house plans and estimate to the bank of your choice. You will go through their approval process that includes an appraisal to determine the completed value of your home. At that point, they will set a closing date and the loan can be distributed according to their terms. If you do not have a bank in mind, we can give recommendations for institutions with which we have worked successfully in the past. We will work with you through the entire process to secure the financing for your build.

Once your loan has been approved and a closing date has been set, we begin scheduling the construction of your home!

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Vaulted ceilings and beams in custom home Florence, AL
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St. Florian Stone Gate custom home
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Custom home builder Florence, AL


How involved do I need to be with the build? 

  • The short answer is you may be as involved or uninvolved as you like. You will need to make certain decisions for the finishes of your home, and those will be scheduled out for you on CoConstruct. The schedule on CoConstruct is a great way we communicate with our clients to keep selections and the build on time. We have built homes for clients who are currently living in other states, so we are also able to take the reigns and make decisions for our clients if needed. You may visit the job site as often as you like, but someone on the team will make visits to ensure quality and progress. 

How long does it take?

  • This is difficult to answer because there are some variables we cannot control, like weather, product availability or shipping delays on special order selections. Other factors such as home size or complexity can make a difference, too. However, if all selections are completed on time and weather cooperates, our homes are typically built in around 12 months. *2021 Update*- due to product shortages and supply chain issues, our build times are more unpredictable. Rest assured we are still working to complete our homes as quickly as possible. 

How much does it cost? What is your price per square foot?

  • It all depends! At High Cotton Homes, your custom home is truly custom. This is why we shy away from ever just guessing at a square foot price. There are so many variables in the finishes that will impact your square foot price; that is why we believe strongly in a detailed estimate upfront rather than speculating cost. Once the build begins, all invoices with High Cotton Homes are totally transparent with the use of CoConstruct, so you have the ability to monitor the cost at every step. Check out our Question and Answer Session blog, Week Three, with Will discussing Estimates, here

How accurate are your estimates?

  • An estimate is just that; an estimation of construction costs for your home. It is impossible to factor in everything that can occur during construction. The more we know about your building location, material selections and design taste, the closer we can get to an actual building cost. However, unexpected things happen when building, such as fluctuating material costs, and changes in your ideas will also affect the accuracy of our original estimate to the final construction cost. Also, when you meet with us initially, it is hard to give an accurate estimate without having finalized house plans. A "ballpark number" per square foot may be significantly different once we see the house plans you desire to build. So in summary, our estimates are much more accurate when we have a 1) finalized set of house plans, 2) know the location you're going to build, 3) know your design selections and 4) no changes are made during construction.  

Is land included in the estimate or price per square foot?

  • No. The estimate and price per square foot is for construction of the home. Land purchases would be an additional cost. 

How do you charge for your services?

  • High Cotton Homes currently does a "cost plus" approach with our contractor fee. This fee is based on the total cost of construction (not the estimate), plus a percentage for our oversight. 

Why do we have to sign a contract? 

  • Contracts between clients and home builders are legally required by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board. Please be wary of any contractor who does not ask you to sign a contract when building your home.