Our design-build approach allows our clients to invest in a home that is superior both aesthetically and functionally. We create personalized homes that can perform for our client's lifestyle. The in-house design team works alongside clients to identify the features in your home that will improve your daily life. We also use elements of universal design in our plans, so your home can be a long term investment and remain safe over the years. When desired, our homes can offer peace of mind by creating spaces where our clients can age in place. 

At High Cotton Homes, high performance also means using current building science during construction. Our building practices result in a home that is healthier, more comfortable and durable throughout the years. Clients receive a home that is built to a higher standard than our local building codes. We achieve this through advanced framing, blower door testing, crawlspace encapsulation, active radon systems, spray foam insulation, quality weather resistive barriers, HVAC design services and ensuring air tightness.

Check out the resources below for a more in depth look at how we do things! 

We hope you notice the difference in High Cotton Homes from your first encounter. We enjoy creating a personal relationship with our clients in order to gain an understanding of your expectations and deliver a home that exceeds your goals. Clarity is essential in our builds, so our clients receive a detailed estimate before the build begins and access to the financial information throughout construction using our software, CoConstruct. We would love to show you a demonstration of how CoConstruct is revolutionizing the details of home building. 


Custom home in St. Florian, AL. Custom trim work and ship lap in a home with custom floor plans

"The High Cotton Homes team truly cares about building a beautiful, customized home. They will do everything they can to be transparent and realistic."

The Bailey Family

We were featured on The Build Show with Matt Risinger! Check out the videos below:

Pre-Cast Foundations

I'm calling it... House Wrap is DEAD


Video Resources:

Will and Todd Witt discuss the benefits of spray foam insulation in your custom home.

There's more to heating a cooling your home than you think. Check out this video of how we properly plan and install our HVAC systems.

Will and Todd Witt talk about the common problems with crawlspaces and what we do differently to solve them

Sloping the window sill allows any water that has leaked in over time to drain out. It will also be covered in a water proof membrane to prevent rot.

We waterproof our crawlspaces on the outside before backfilling or adding exterior finishes.

Step 1 of making a slab home air tight. A foam gasket is placed in between the bottom of the wall and the concrete.

The double foam gasket fills any voids in the concrete and creates a tight seal to prevent air and bugs from getting into your home.

Zip system with an extra membrane around the window sill prevents moisture from reaching the structure of your home.

This chase was designed into the floor truss system to allow for mechanicals in this slab home.

Fan in place for an active radon system

Jumper ducts in our HVAC systems allow for circulation and even airflow and temperature distribution.

Framing with 2x6 studs allows for extra width to insulate around the headers

2x6 24" O.C. stud walls allow for a higher R value in this home

Ladder T framing behind the walls allows for seamless insulation

A "California corner" is a more efficient way to frame an exterior corner

Icynene spray foam

Rain screen installed behind the exterior Hardie board for proper water drainage.

Full home water filtration system and reverse osmosis system for drinking water

Steel beam system in an ICF (insulated concrete form) home

Geothermal cooling and heating system


Aluminum outdoor cabinetry Challenger Cabinets distributed by High Cotton Homes

Customizable weatherproof cabinetry made in the USA



Huber Zip System Air Water Barrier High Cotton Homes Florence Muscle Shoals Home builder
Carrier Infinity Series HVAC home efficiency Muscle Shoals, Florence, St. Florian custom home
James Hardie Lap Siding custom home Florence, St. Florian,  Muscle Shoals