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The Story:

Cole Kelley's home is a special project for us right now at High Cotton! John and Caroline Kelley came to us wanting to convert part of their home into a master suite so that Cole would have a space to himself when they return home from the National Institute of Health. Cole was diagnosed with DADA2 and this causes a variety of health problems, including a weak immune system. The Kelley's have been trying to renovate their home, but after Cole's diagnosis and 2 bone marrow transplants, the renovation became a priority to create a healthier, low allergen environment for Cole. After asking for us to get one room ready in the home, we quickly realized there was a list of things in the home that needed attention and also some projects that we could do to help lower the stress on the family when they return home. With donations of time, money and resources from the entire community, we've undertaken the renovation of the Kelley's entire home. The family has been gone for 10 months living at the NIH in Maryland, and we cannot wait for them to come back to Florence to see their new home! Follow along the renovation on Instagram and Facebook under #colesnewcrib

Cole's Story:

Cole is so full of personality! He was diagnosed at 2 months old with Diamond Blackfan Anemia. After receiving over 180 blood transfusions and nightly infusions to lower the iron load in his blood, they did further testing at St. Jude's when his immune system began falling apart. The results came back as DADA2, a rare and newly discovered genetic disease. This led the family to the National Institute of Health in 2018 to undergo some trial therapies for DADA2. Cole's first stem cell transplant failed and the second has taken an unpredictable path, so the family has remained in Maryland for around 10 months. Cole loves all things hip hop and Hollywood, and we are so excited to be able to give him a new themed bedroom when he gets home! Since Cole will be spending a lot of time in his home, we want to give him a healthy and fun home! 

Read more about Cole here:

Pray for Cole Kelley​

Award of Courage

The House:

The renovation of the Kelley's house started out as a 2 room project. The home was handed down to John and Caroline by family, and we quickly realized there were needs in the home beyond a new master suite. We wanted to be able to do things such as replace the curtains with blinds to cut down on allergens (done, thank you Budget Blinds!). Carpet was removed and replaced with hardwood floors and a new HVAC system (Thanks to R&B Services) and UV purifying light (Thanks to Hinkle Supply) were added to the house. Since funding was limited, we began seeking out donations to help complete the home. We have already been able to replace the hot water heater (Thanks Tallman's & MPE), Cole and Carson's showers (Thanks Tallman's, Heritage Kitchen & Bath, and Ultra) and update the lighting and electrical (Thanks Inline Lighting and Jody Thompson). We would LOVE to renovate their entire kitchen and fix up the outside of the home including paint. We are working now solely off donations, so if you would like to donate time or resources, please let us know! 

Biggest home needs: cabinetry in laundry and kitchen, kitchen counters, stove, roof shingles, professional steam cleaning of couch and loveseat, alarm system

How can I help?

We are SO appreciative for the community's help. If you'd like to be involved, you can donate by using the GoFundMe account below or by purchasing an item for the family off of the Amazon Wish List. If you have time or a skill you would like to donate (even moving boxes!), please contact us at 256-668-2432. Thank you!


Welcome Cole Home!

Amazon Wish List:

Kelley Family

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