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St. Florian, AL

Jacksonburg Road

1,975 ​sq ft 

Completed August 2018

This charming home is situated on a 10 acre plot of land in St. Florian. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has a split floor plan with an open kitchen and living area that will feel light and spacious thanks to a beautiful set of sliding French doors. The master bath will be highlighted by a custom marble shower. The shower, crafted by the House of Marble, is a seamless design which is both beautiful and easier to clean with no grout lines! We were able to design the truss system to provide ample attic storage and allow for plenty of space for a future bonus room. 


The family elected to encapsulate the crawlspace, and aside from alleviating worries about moisture and mold, this allowed us to position some of the mechanicals for the house in this space. We were able to locate the hot water heater in the crawlspace, allowing for a faster travel time of hot water to the faucets. Locating the air handler and ductwork in a conditioned crawlspace increases the efficiency of the unit and home.

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