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Filming for The build show!

Last week, we had an incredible opportunity to film with Matt Risinger at #thebigbearbuild job site on Pickwick Lake near Cherokee, Alabama. It was an absolute whirlwind to make it happen; we actually got a phone call from Huber Engineered Woods, who manufactures AdvanTech and ZIP System, at the end of November asking us if we would like to help them launch a new product. Of course we couldn't pass up the offer, but then they told us they'd need to film the product installed by the week of Christmas! It was all hands on deck. We rented light towers, extra lifts and scaffolding, and everyone busted their tails to get the job site ready to install the product and film.

As part of the product launch, Huber arranged for Matt Risinger to fly to Alabama with his Build Show crew to capture some footage. If you haven't heard of Matt, he is one of the leading building science gurus in the construction industry. We have watched his YouTube channel and Build Show Network website for years to improve the quality of our homes. It was incredibly exciting (as well as slightly nerve wracking) to have him come see our job site and film on our location. On film day, Matt and his team arrived about 9 am, and we were able to film Huber's product release, as well as 3-4 Build Show Network videos, by 1 pm! His guys were extremely professional, and they definitely have their production down to an art.

We think the additional footage we were able to get that day will be some great content for The Build Show! We looked at a few different areas of the house, including our Superior Walls in the basement and ZIP System Sheathing on the exterior, so hopefully those videos will make an appearance on Matt's YouTube channel and website soon! We will post the links to our social media and another blog post when they are available.

Also be on the watch for Huber's new product. It will launch in February at the 2022 International Builders' Show in Orlando. We were on the fence about attending the show this year, but now we will definitely be there to help answer questions along with Matt about our experience installing the product. This new product will be a great addition for us as a step toward meeting the "Fortified Standard" in building to protect homes during severe weather. We have always been impressed by the AdvanTech subfloor and ZIP System by Huber, so it's no surprise that this new product improves the safety and longevity of homes even more.

Overall, we had a fantastic day hosting Matt, his crew and the Huber team here in the Shoals. We are so thankful that Huber gave us this opportunity and for all they have done to help plug us into the building science world. Meeting Huber's team and seeing their pursuit of quality gives us confidence in choosing their products for our homes. We hope this wasn't the last we will see of Matt, and we can't wait for the official product launch at IBS 2022 in February!




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