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The wiseman built his house upon the _____?

One of the first decisions you have to make when you decide to build a home is concerning the foundation; whether you want to build your home on a slab or crawlspace. First, lets break it down into what this actually means and what the differences are.

A slab home is built on literally, one solid concrete slab. Your interior flooring is adhered to the poured slab. Your walls are attached and built up on the slab. There's two types, but the one we see most commonly is a block and fill slab foundation where we lay block up to give the home elevation, then back fill with gravel and pour the concrete on top. The other type is a slab on grade where a dirt pad is leveled and prepared and the slab is formed up and poured on grade directly on the ground.

In a crawlspace home, you have block or poured concrete walls and piers that support a wooden subfloor. So underneath the subfloor is open space and then the raw ground. Your walls and flooring sit on top of the floor joists. In most cases, any home can be built on either a slab or crawlspace. Due to elevation, some building lots are more suited for a crawlspace home.